Ignite Your Love​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Session 3 - Core Values

Find your core values. Your core values are your principles, standards-of-behavior, and judgments on what’s important in your life. By knowing your core values, you’ll be able to make better life choices, including choosing your love. What you think, feel, say and do must align with your core values. If not, you’ll be in self-conflict; and this self-conflict will attract unsuitable love prospects.

Session 4 - Release Toxic Ties

Learn how to release toxic ties that you may have from past relationships. These ties are energetic attachments that cause you to lose personal power. You will learn practical tools to move on without carrying emotional baggage. You will learn how to forgive and let go of the past. This is very important because if you don't learn how to forgive, it's like driving a car looking at the back mirror - you will always crash!

Session 5 - Limiting Beliefs

This session is about your beliefs about love. You will learn about unconscious limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from love. In this session, you will learn that your perceptions are based on interpretations or assumptions you make when you meet people. It will help you become more present and free from judging yourself and others too harshly. At the end of this session, you will know how to energetically invite others to love you instead of repulsing.

Session 6 – Control Your Inner Critic 

This session is about the chatterbox, that critical voice in your head that talks incessantly saying things like: "you are not good enough", "you're too fat", "you're too old", you're not beautiful, etc.) You will learn tools to control your chatterbox and feel more accepting of yourself and others.​​​​​​​

Session 7 – Release Old Agreements

The agreements we make, both consciously and unconsciously, have a profound impact on our lives, for they serve as intentions that we set for life. 

These intentions have weight and authority and affect what comes out way, and what doesn’t. For example, you may be reacting to men in a way to conform to an agreement you made with your dad when you were a child.

Session 8 – Create Space for Love

If you’re super busy; or, if you’re so used to being single and you’ve forgotten about having time for romance, love isn’t not going to happen.  In this session, you’ll learn how to create “space” in your mind and in your life for love.

Session 9 – Ignite Your Passion

In this session you’ll learn how to find pleasure in small things, live in the present moment, and connecting with what brings you excitement and joy.

Session 10 – How to Make Smart Choices 

This is about staying on track with all that you have been learning. I will share with you practical exercises that will develop your intuition so you can be focused on your goals.

Session 11  – Become a Love Magnet

In this session, you will learn important tools to become a magnet for love. After this session, your energy will change, and people will start to notice you more. You will become more radiant and lovable. ​​

Session 12 – Private Session Debrief
Private-session for clarification and support. We will debrief the course, I will answer questions you may have and together we will create a plan for you to attract your true love. 

It's possible to find love and be a priority in someone's life! ​​​​​​​
It's possible to find someone who appreciates you exactly the way you are!

Maybe you think it's bad luck that you're not with a special loved one. Or perhaps you think that the dating world is crazy. Whatever your explanation, you think the reason is always something outside your control. It's them, not you - RIGHT!?

Here's what is really happening...

​​​​​​​You may be listening to your "chatterbox" - that voice in your head saying - "it's not going to work!" - "I can't handle it again!" - "I'm not meant to be loved" - "no one loves me!" - "no one cares about me." - "I'm not beautiful or thin enough." - "I'm not young anymore." - "I'm old to date again."​​​​​​​​​
This is your inner critic!  I call it your "Gremlin"!  It wants to protect you, but it really harms you.  When you listen to your Gremlin, your mind is seeking self-confirming evidence to prove it is right.  And because of this, you will continue to attract toxic people, or you will be looking for flaws in the people you’re with, or you’ll sabotage building relationships with good guys because you don’t believe you deserve it.

This is self-sabotage - a self-fulfilling prophecy! You think a thought, you believe in that thought, you will then attract people and circumstances that align with that thought.  With this mindset, you subconsciously look for individuals and experiences that bring you hurt and pain - proving yourself right.  You live in fear, and when you live in fear, you can’t find love. Fear and love can’t co-exist.

You may also be creating a habit that sabotages meeting potentially good people because your self-talk is about fear.  And when you feel fear, your reaction is to withdraw to avoid pain, so you may tend to break up too soon, or stay away from dating at all!
It's like having a sign on your forehead saying: 
"Don't love me" - "I am not lovable" - " Go Away" 
"Abuse me and leave me".​​​​
When you feel unlovable you become bitter and you lock yourself in a cycle of disappointments that can lead to depression. It has been scientifically proved that deep hurt, constant resentments, grief are the causes of severe illness such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and cancer. 

The cost of not taking control of your feelings is immense! Money spent on doctor's visits, money spent with sleeping pills,  junk food, alcohol or drugs to try to numb your pain... 

This course will help you regain your power and vitality. You will learn how to love yourself to the most, create loving relationships with everyone you meet, and most important be open to welcome your true love who is waiting for you to be ready for him/her...  

You must first learn to love yourself first so that you can shift that inner voice of fear to a confident voice of love.  To do this, you first need to find out who you are, what are your core values and your true identity.
Let's do this!


Session 1 - Private Session Assessment​​​​​​​

Private meeting online to assess and evaluate your situation. Think of this as a diagnosis of your situation, just like when you go to the doctor for your first visit. You will learn about the 7 levels of energy, consciousness, and self-leadership.  We will talk about your challenges and goals and what practices are necessary for you to benefit from this program.

Session 2 - Who are you?

This session helps you discover who you are being at this moment in your life. You will find out if who you are being in alignment with who you really want to be, or if you have just been this way because of pleasing others, or perhaps because you don't really know yourself.  In this session, you will learn to help you find your true self by igniting self-love. 

Learn on Your Own Pace

It's possible to find LOVE and be a priority in someone's life! It's possible to find someone who appreciates you exactly the way you are!

Attract Love