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What if you could transform your life in just one weekend?
What if you could gain clarity on the biggest challenges in your life?
What if a weekend could make you feel Revigorated and Recharged!
Sedona is famous for intense life force energy that we call “vortex” and this can help you in your journey to higher spirituality because a vortex empowers intention and help you to gain clarity and focus. 

Maybe, in the past, you had other therapy modalities where you were just in or the office, or in a man-made environment... 
My retreats combine life coaching with Sedona's magnificent natural setting, helping you to harness the power of transformation much faster!
Retreats are customized to your needs. 
It can be private for one person, or for a group. 
It can be done in a weekend, or it can be a week long. 
Prior to the Retreat, you will receive an assessment by email called “The New You Factor”. This assessment analyzes your attitude towards many areas in your life and will identify which aspects of your life need attention in order for you to achieve your goals. Prior to your Sedona visit, we’ll have a telephone debrief session to review the assessment results. This will help maximize the benefits of your journey because you’ll become more intentional and more aware of what you are searching for.
So, here are a few options for retreats to give you some food for your thoughts:  

Option "Enjoy & Relax" 

This program aims to offer you - your "me time" – 
Get away from the office, or the kids, come with a friend or by yourself! You will relax and rejuvenate, sightseeing and play! 

Suggested Activities
Hiking, shopping, dancing, dining, wine tasting, spa, massage, creeks, art galleries... just to name a few.   

Option "Restarting Life"

If you are going through a life transition, or perhaps a crisis that is breaking you down, or maybe you need to pause to find better ways to do what you do. This retreat will help you find the space and tools to turn it all around into a transformation that serves you. This is an opportunity to get active personal guidance to help you sort out your life. I'll provide insightful perspectives that transform confusion into a direction, and anxiety into clarity. 
Suggested Activities:
Hiking Therapy, Vortex exploration, Labyrinth Walk, Salt Lamps Therapy Flotation Tank, Creeks, and River walking, and most important Life Coaching.

Option "Spiritual Transformation"

If you are seeking healing and spiritual transformation this program for you! Sedona is truly a place for spiritual growth. Everyone who comes to Sedona has been called by the Spirit of Sedona. If you are looking for a change, healing, transformation, release stress, gain clarity, and fulfillment this is the retreat I recommend for you. 
Suggested Activities:
Hiking Therapy, Vortex exploration, Yoga, Meditation, Medicine Wheel Journey, Labyrinth Walk, Chakra Balancing, Massage, Crystal Sound Healing, Salt Lamps Therapy,  Spiritual Guidance, and  Life Coaching … If you are not familiar with these modalities, I will explain in detail when we talk. 

Option "Hiking Therapy"

Learn How To Access Your Inner Wisdom And Gain Clarity Towards Your Goals.

Tap into the Vortex! 
Vortexes are enhanced life force energy sites that facilitate prayer, meditation, mind-body healing ​, and creative thinking. ​
Breathe the fresh air of Sedona and feel the sun on your face as you gain insight about your life and your connection to all things.
 ​Discover the wisdom of self-growth and renewal. Only you can change your life.
Only you can raise your consciousness and let go of past patterns​ that are blocking you to achieve your greatness!

Success Stories

Hiking Therapy
Ohio, USA

"This was one of the best experiences of my life, yes my entire life! It far exceeded my expectations. I instantly felt welcomed and cared about by Rosane and the others in the small group. It was a very educational and spiritual journey for me that I'll cherish forever. I now have clarity and purpose!  Rosane did a great job making me feel welcomed and her positive energy is infectious! You feel like you can accomplish anything after spending time with her! 
It was life-changing! Thank you!"

Massachusetts, USA

"Hiking session helped me get centered and ready to design ​the life I want to live.
Thank you, Rosane!"


"I am still taken back by how great this experience was. Rosane is such a wonderful, uplifting, and beautiful soul. Meeting up with her at sunrise and walking/talking with her was great. I loved being around her and listening to everything she had to share.
I left Sedona with a few great things, one of those was this experience, the lessons she taught me and wisdom she shared.
I have so much gratitude for being able to do this and I will truly never forget it."

Florida, USA

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